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brise - soleil

Brise - Soleil is a ventilated wooden wall that provides a protection system for vertical, civil and industrial building structures. The ventilated wooden facades preserve buildings from aging and perform the function of thermal and acoustic insulation.

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They also guarantee a high level of noise absorption and high breathability, furthermore it allows the humidity produced inside the building to spread outside, without encountering obstacles or barriers, keeping the walls dry and ensuring ideal conditions for insulation and storage.

Brise - Soleil protects the external walls of building structures from solar radiation and atmospheric agents, favoring the maintenance of constant temperatures inside the building at any time of the year.

In addition to being 100% made in Italy, they are made of solid wood, sawn and dried in Italy, and it does not require maintenance over the years.

The anchoring systems used allow the installation of the ventilated facade on any surface, without requiring preliminary design work.

The installation is simple, quick and economical.

Brie - Soleil is available in Okoumè and Thermowood wood species.

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